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Visual Communication Mediolan
W dniach 9-12 listopada odbyły się targi Visual Communication w Mediolanie.

Frezarka 4 osiowa do styropianu

We are introducing new 4 axis CNC router for EPS carving. Dedicated to scenography, home decoration, sculpture's mouldings.

4 axis CNC router

EPS contour cutting line

Multi wire CNC hot wire cutter Coner ThermoCut MW equipped with conveyor belts and vertical trimming wires.

Linia do ciecia styropianu

New Heavy Duty CNC routers

All improvements made for STANDARD CNC routers were adopted to our Heavy Duty range of machines.
Increased rigidity of the construction, new drive system and wide range of Automatic Tool Change spindles

CNC router for staircase production

Working area - 1200 x 5000 mm allows to produce the 5 meters stair strings. Frezarka do schodów

Cutting and creasing plotter

CNC plotter with oscillating tangential knife and creasing active tangential wheel.
Suitable for cutting foam material, cardboard, PE foam, and rubber.
Ploter oscylująco bigujący

Increased Z axis range in CNC routers

HD and STANDARD line CNC routers can be equipped with the gantry with Z axis working range of 500 mm.

Below: MCut Basic 1020 with 400mm Z axis
ploter frezujący z podwyższoną osią wrzeciona

Multiwire thermal cutter with sloped cutting heads

We offer an option of sloped cutting wires in the Multiwire ThermoCut machine series.
The solution is dedicated to companies which in addition to cutting styrofoam profiles also need to slice EPS blocks.
Sloped wire technology is known from EPS boards production. It prevents the board endings destruction because the material is being put down at the same time as all wires are leaving the foam.

ThermoCut Hobby

During the VisualExpo Trade in Naples we have presented a new generation of Coner foam cutting machines.
Lightweight and compact design of hobby series thermal cutters makes these machines perfect solution for small-scale non-industrial production, small manufacture companies and for in-home hobby apllications.

Automatic tool change

in the MCut milling cutters.
We offer milling heads with automatic tool change. "Intelligent" tool shop with functional software is the best solution for those companies which need high efficiency of work and treatment time reduction.

ATC Head and tool holder

Multiwire EPS slicing machine

We offer a multiwire slicing machine designed for cutting and forming EPS blocks. Opportunity to work with 50 wires and cutting arms slope are unique solution on the slicing machines market. For more info click here


Note: change of business address

We invite our customers and suppliers to a new office:

Al. Piłsudskiego 135
92-318 Łódź
For localization map, please go to Contact tab.

Coner - manufacturer of CNC cutters

Since 2001 the Coner company is a supplier of CNC devices designed for advertising and construction industry. We specialize in thermal cutters and milling cutters production. Until now, there are working more then 3000 Coner machines - all over the world.

We offer a complete solution for cutting spatail elements of polystyrene, plastic and soft metals. We care about our customer work, trying to make it seamless and efficient.

Coner machines are used in many industries:

  • advertising

    • single-wire ThermoCut foam cutters
    • aluminum and steel MCut milling cutters
  • architecture and construction

    • single-wire and multiwire ThermoCut foam cutters
    • aluminium and steel MCut milling cutters
    • elevation profiles coating machine
    • RotoCut compass cutter
  • scenography design

    • single-wire and multiwire ThermoCut foam cutters
    • aluminum and steel MCut milling cutters
    • elevation profiles coating machine
    • RotoCut compass cutter
  • styrofoam production

    • multiwire ThermoCut foam cutters
    • special machines designed for cutting and forming styrofoam elements
  • packaging

    • single-wire and multiwre ThermoCut foam cutters
  • plastic and metals treatment

    • steel and HD steel MCut milling cutters