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28 May 2020
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ThermoCut foam cutters
We offer a comprehensive 3D shape cutting solution for businesses. We take care to ensure that the devices we provide to our customers operate in a trouble-free and efficient manner.
Additional information
Standard equipment
Uses of foam cutter
Model comparition
Custom-built machines
To keep abreast of the developments in desktop computer technology, and recognizing the reduced popularity of COM serial ports, we are now including support for linking the ThermoCut machine to a PC via a USB port.
We never neglect our existing customers. We supply free software upgrades for all previously purchased systems to ensure the equipment complies with current standards.
To allow for a wider choice of software used for creating drawings, we have added support for DXF format files.

Advanced functionality of foam cutters:

The ability to continue the cutting process after the cutting wire has been severed and replaced is a unique feature that saves our customers' time and resources. Processing of large and complex projects may cause fatigue of the resistant wire, and may eventually lead to the wire being severed. Since the process can continue once the wire has been replaced, there is no need to restart the project and no source material is wasted. After replacing the wire, Coner ThermoCut continues cutting from the point it left off.
New functionality in ThermoCUT
Independent motion of both arms
Our new 'P' series cutters can account for perspective while creating shapes - a feature that is unique on the market. Independent motion of both arms, controlled by an advanced software driver, allows for creating 3D forms of varied sizes and shapes. Thanks to the new functionality, cones, pyramids and letters can be created in a single pass of the cutting implement, while accounting for perspective. Click to see picture in zoom
DXF file format support The thermal cutter controller application supports HPGL data format and DXF drawings.

USB port
The latest MCut thermal cutter models support PC link via a USB port.

High cutting/movement speed 2800/7000 mm (110/275.5 in) per minute, respectively.
Rotational cutting. ThermoCUT cutters are supplied with a rotating table, which allows for creating revolved solids. The source material can be placed vertically or horizontally. The machine can create revolved solids of up to 3 m (9.8 ft) in size. The cutter is a functional equivalent of a lathe due to the smooth rotation of the source material simultaneous with motion along a predefined path.
Bi-directional cutting while the source material is rotated halves the processing time and supports open shapes.
Support for free-form (irregular) shapes. Using the advanced control software, you can load several different profiles (sections of free-form rotated solids) at the same time, and define the rotation angle between each pair of profiles.
3D visualization. Processing several profiles of free-form rotated solids may sometimes lead to unexpected results, since the cutting lines will overlap in 3D space. To save time and material, you can preview the rendered shape on screen.
Titanium wire. All Coner cutters are equipped with a titanium cutting wire as standard. The titanium wire is highly durable and permits higher operation speeds.
Multiwire machines. For several years our standard range of products has included multiwire cutters. Coner thermal cutters may be equipped with one or two arms, each holding up to 5 cutting wires. As a unique feature, Coner thermal cutter detects rupture of individual wires and continues processing from the point it left off after the severed wire has been replaced.
Custom-built machines. Coner will design and build thermal cutters according to size and specifications supplied by the customer. Custom-built machines can include any number of cutting elements. We can therefore deliver thermal cutters to satisfy our customers' most exacting needs.
ThermoCut - is a computer-controlled cutter which uses a heated wire to cut shapes in materials such as Styrofoam, Styrodur, polyurethane foam. Digitally controlled operation of the cutting device ensures the highest precision of the shapes produced.
Wide range of available finishing techniques allows to create illusion of different materials. Project creted in such way are well looked and not expensive.

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