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28 May 2020
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Milling cutter - MCut
MCut is a computer-driven milling cutter for cutting, engraving and drilling in vinyl, organic glass, Bakelite, wood and soft metals such as brass or aluminum. The digitally controlled milling system, with its high-precision drives and zero backlash helical gears, ensures unparalleled accuracy of the shape cutting process. In order to meet our customers' demand for high-precision milling cutters, we have introduced MCut - our professional-grade milling cutter.

      Milling cutter MCut steel

      Milling cutter MCut alu light

Advanced functionality of milling cutters:

DXF file format support. The thermal cutter controller application supports HPGL data format and DXF drawings.
USB port. MCut thermal cutter can connect to the PC via a USB port.
Design. Strengthened support frame built from anodized sections of enhanced durability.
Drive. The cutter is powered by micro-step motors via Oldham couplings. The step motors, interfaced with HP encoders, provide a suitable servomotor mechanism. This solution increases the precision of the Coner MCutCNC milling cutter.
Drive transmission. Drive transmission in X, Y and Z axes uses zero-backlash gears and flange nuts.
XY guides system. X-axis and Y-axis guides use precision-sanded rolls seated in a custom-built profile. Guide carriages move on sanded rollers seated in an aluminum profile.
Z-axis guides. The Z-axis guide uses 4 zero-backlash antifriction bearings. Each bearing is independently lubricated and includes scrapers seated on sanded rollers.
Safety. Safety switch (main).
Positioning accuracy. 0,006 mm.
Head parking. Thanks to the servomotor drive solution (step engines interfaced with HP encoders), the cutter head can be precisely parked, and its position can be read out while the cutter is running.
Upgrades. We supply free software upgrades to all customers, to ensure the equipment they purchased complies with the current standards.
Standard equipment:
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Milling cutter
Electronic controller
Control software MCUT
User manual

Technical specification
Model Mcut1010 Mcut1015 Mcut1520 Mcut2030
Working range 1000x1000 mm 1000x1500 mm 1500x2000 mm 2000x3000 mm
Precision/repeatability +/- 0,05 mm
Z axis working range 150 mm
Z axis clearance 180 mm
Table height 800 mm
Working velocity 1000 mm/min
Rapid rate 3200 mm/min
Positioning accuracy 0,006
Power supply 220/50Hz
Head (spindle) METABO 710W - standard equipment
Additional equipment ELTE 800W head
Construction aluminium, anodic constructional shape with increased strength
Power feed stepper motor
Drive transmission drive screw in all 3 axes
Rails linear slide bearing system
Cotrol independent electronical controller
Software Mcut software with PLT, DXF, and g-code file support
PC interface RS-232C or USB
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