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28 May 2020
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   Foam cutters

We offer a comprehensive 3D shape cutting solution for businesses. We take care to ensure that the devices we provide to our customers operate in a trouble-free and efficient manner.
Thermal cutters are our flagship products. Our offer currently includes 9 models. As a supplementary feature, all models can be enhanced to support perspective-based shape cutting.

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   Milling cutter

MCut is a computer-driven milling cutter for cutting, engraving and drilling in vinyl, organic glass, Bakelite, wood and soft metals such as brass or aluminum.
The digitally controlled milling system, with its high-precision drives and zero backlash helical gears, ensures unparalleled accuracy of the shape cutting process.
   Decorative coatings

Our customers know best that Styrofoam shapes are not the ultimate product - they need further processing. This is why we also supply a wide range of unique coatings for Styrofoam elements used in advertising (Polydecor) and construction (Styrocrete). The comprehensive solution we provide allows our customers to start using the machines immediately after installation.
   Thermal compass cutter

Thermal cutters available on the market today can create 3D shapes from materials such as Styrofoam, Styrodur, polyurethane foam and others. However, when used to cut curved shapes at a given radius, the cutting element leaves visible marks in the material. To solve this problem, we introduced the RotoCut compass cutter.
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